Friday, October 20, 2006

Welcome to a blog hosted by the Journal of Sports Media. JSM is an academic journal published annually by the University of Nebraska Press and the University of Mississippi Department of Journalism. It focuses on sports media in terms of specific media (print, broadcast, Internet, advertising, etc.) or a specific area of interest related to sports media (history, law, ethics, effects, etc.). JSM publishes academic research which adds to the understanding of sports media in terms of their practice, value and effect on the culture as a whole.

All are invited to participate in this discussion, but please keep in mind that it is intended for academic discussion of sports media issues. Postings should be thoughtful and intelligent, and above all, clean. If you want to rant about your favorite team, please take it somewhere else!

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Blogger Mary Lou Sheffer Ph.D. said...

What a wonderful idea - I hope other academics join in the discussion. Rather than post a comment, I prefer to pose a question.

These days, anyone with a camera (and editing system) can become pseudo broadcasters or netcasters - especially on websites like YouTube. After talking with my students, it appears the up-and-coming generation finds this empowering and addictive. Apparently, they are not alone as CBS became a recent content provider. Sports content is one of the reasons for this site's popularity. Although there is little to no journalistic integrity tied to this site, some students label it as credible. My question, therefore is this, will Internet sites like YouTube influence future journalistic practices and ultimately change the training of future sportscasters?

3:15 PM  
Blogger Brad Schultz said...

They're influencing journalism in the sense that the consumer becomes more empowered, and mainstream media have to take that into account. But it also means that, more than ever, journalism educators need to reinforce to their students the importance of good writing, reporting and editing ... especially if many of these students are using YouTube to strike out on their own.

1:28 PM  

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