Thursday, January 11, 2007

When to Stop Cheering

You might want to be aware of a new book from Brian Carroll, a friend and contributor to JSM. Brian has written When to Stop Cheering: The Black Press, the Black Community and the Integration of Baseball. The book was published in time for the 60th anniversary of Jackie Robinson integrating major league baseball.
If you're interested in buying, you can access the book through amazon or Barnes and Noble.

According to Routlege, which publishes the book, "The purpose of the book is to document the close and often conflicted relationship between the black press and black baseball beginning with the first Negro professional league of substance, the Negro National League, which started in 1920, and finishing with the dissolution the Negro American League in 1957. When to Stop the Cheering? examines the multidimensional relationship the black newspapers had with baseball, including their treatment of and relationships with baseball officials, team owners, players and fans. Over time, these relationships changed, resulting in shifts in coverage that could be described as moving from brotherhood to paternalism, then from paternalism to nostalgic tribute and even regret."

Congratulations Brian, but when do we get to see the cover image?


Blogger brian said...

sorry i'm so late to this. many thanks for the highlight.

cover art:

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