Wednesday, February 27, 2008

Off to Tigerland

I'm off to the Third Sport Communication Summit at Clemson and will likely be unable to post until next week. For those of you interested here's a look at the conference schedule.

In an unrelated note, Kelly Shultz-Poniatowski of Penn State has attached the following request. She's looking for someone to take her place on an AEJMC panel this summer in Chicago. Her contact information is included:
I am looking for someone to take my place who can do a paper related to nationalism and sports. This isn’t a sports panel but they want someone on the panel who studies sports. I have posted some of the panel information below. Please email me if you are interested and I can give you more details.

Kelly Shultz-Poniatowski

International Intercultural Interconnected:
How journalism practices shape perspectives and perceptions on a global scale

The frames through which media audiences see the world are shaped by the journalism professionals who construct them. Differences in journalism practices, cultural norms and nationalistic attitudes give shape to these frames. This panel will discuss the various ideological frames that both international and American news media imposes on its audiences to explain and explore international and intercultural issues.

This panel plans to "make a difference" by understanding the differences in media practices and media coverage on an international scope. By studying international/intercultural news environments and the perceptions created by those environments, media ecologists and teachers of media literacy can better teach their students the nuances of news practices that inform the construction


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