Wednesday, March 19, 2008

Forum on Sports and Social Change

The following comes from Eli Wolff at Northeastern University regarding the Forum for Sports and Social Change. For more information the website address is listed, along with his contact information.
Dear Friends:

On behalf of the Center for the Study of Sport in Society, we would like to cordially invite you to the first Power of Sport Summit: A Participatory Forum on Sport and Social Change on June 14th and 15th, 2008 to be held at Northeastern University in Boston, Massachusetts.

The Summit will be an interactive meeting of academics, practitioners and advocates working together to define and address current and emerging issues involving the intersection of sport and social justice. The objective of the Summit is to generate discussion around current trends, including what's working, what's possible, and what important actions are needed to help advance the sport and social change movement. All those interested in the intersection of sport and social justice are invited to attend and participate in the Power of Sport Summit, where experts in the fields of research, education and advocacy will unite to celebrate, reinvigorate and advance this very important work. All participants will be vital contributors able to share their expertise. Coaches, program managers, athletes and activists, both youth and adult, will be among those whose tangible experiences are key components in understanding the vital intersection of sport and social justice. The Power of Sport Summit marks the conclusion of a year of innovative research carried out by Sport in Society’s inaugural team of Research Fellows. Their research activities cut across disciplines and demonstrate the powerful connection between sport and social change. Due to the breadth and depth of possible topics, the Power of Sport Summit will combine interactive breakout sessions led by Sport in Society's Research Fellows with “Open Space Technology” (OST) working groups. Rather than concretely define all topics and presenters in advance, participants will also take active roles as self-organizers, setting the agenda for a collaborative working meeting. This dual structure offers participants an opportunity to learn about the latest trends and research currently advancing the sport and social change movement, while also allowing unforeseen topics to emerge and ensuring that the best outcomes are everyone's to create. These working sessions are intended to foster concrete action steps that can make a valuable impact in a variety of ways.

For more information regarding the Summit, including event details and the use of Open Space Technology, registration information and visitor information, please visit the event website.

Any questions may be directed to my attention.

Eli A. Wolff
Manager, Research & Advocacy Center for the Study of Sport in Society
Northeastern University
360 Huntington Avenue, Suite 350 RI
Boston, MA 02120
Work phone: 617-373-8936
Fax: 617-373-4566


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