Tuesday, March 04, 2008

Help needed: Survey on Sports Images

The following comes from a student at Quinnipiac University asking for help on a research study related to sports images. The survey only takes a few minutes, so help out if you can.

My name is Jared Zeidman and I'm a senior Media Studies major at Quinnipiac University. Last semester, I conducted a research study that examined racial and ethnic stereotypes of sports-related images (mascots and athletes) in media texts. I found a significant difference between responses from sports fans and non-fans. The overwhelming majority of participants that identified themselves as sports fans saw little to no issue in any of the images. Meanwhile, more than 75% of the non-fans who participated felt that the images were offensive and or racist.

This semester, I am expanding my study. Here is a link to the survey I have developed. My goal now is to collect significantly more responses from people around the country. Please ask your students if they have a few minutes to set aside and carefully respond to the survey. It would certainly be of great assistance to me. I would like to begin compiling results by March 16th.

In advance, I thank you for your assistance,
Jared W. Zeidman


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