Thursday, September 25, 2008

Sport fandom

A publishing opportunity for those of you interested in sport fandom. Adam Earnhardt at Youngstown State and Paul Haridakis at Kent State are editing an anthology on sports fans. Deadlines and more details are below--


We are seeking chapter proposals for a research anthology on sports fans. The editors for the volume are Adam C. Earnheardt, Youngstown State University and Paul M. Haridakis, Kent State University.

The editors are particularly interested in qualitative and/or quantitative proposals that focus on these overarching areas: degrees of fandom, depictions of fandom (self-depictions, media-depictions), relationships among fans (e.g., how fans are connecting with each other in face-to-face and/or mediated settings); relationships among fans and teams (identification and/or parasocial relationships with high school, college, professional teams); relationships among fans and athletes (identification and/or parasocial relationships with high school, college, professional athletes), and effects of those relationships (imitation and socialization, positive and negative reactions to athletes, etc.); fans’ media use (television, radio, print, Internet), fans and sporting events (Olympics, Super Bowl, World Cup, etc.); and fans and specific sports (skiing, football, baseball, soccer, NASCAR, extreme action sports, etc.).

Each submission should have a clear, concise title. Please adhere to the latest American Psychological Association style guide in your proposal. To submit a complete proposal, you must submit all of the following electronically to Adam C. Earnheardt at

- a 300 to 500-word abstract of your proposed chapter
- a 75-word author identification paragraph
- a one to two page rationale for including your chapter in the anthology
- complete contact information (mail, email, phone)

Only complete submissions will be considered. Deadline for submitting initial proposals is Friday, January 16, 2009. A complete proposal includes all the items above.

If the editors deem appropriate, additional proposals may be sought or chapters solicited after the deadline to complete the anthology. If your proposal is accepted you will be invited to submit a completed chapter by a specified deadline. If the editors accept your final chapter, and the anthology is approved for publication, deadlines will be announced for submitting revised chapters.

Editorial decisions on the initial proposals and invited chapters are final.

Adam C. Earnheardt, Ph.D.
State University

Department of Communication
1 University Plaza

Youngstown, OH 44555

P: 330-941-1845


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