Monday, September 08, 2008

Sideline these interviews--please!

Watching football this weekend finally convinced me that football sideline interviews have got to go. At best, these short snippets are pointless and irritating; at worst, they are full-blown embarrassments (right, Suzy Kolber?)

It didn't matter what game you watched this weekend, chances are it had a sideline interview that went something like this--

Reporter: So coach, how do you think your team did in the first half?
Coach: As you could probably tell, not so good.
Reporter: What are your plans for the second half?
Coach: Score more points. And keep them from scoring.
Reporter: Thanks, coach. Back to you, guys ...

Pretty enlightening stuff, huh? A coach certainly isn't going to say anything important to a reporter, and especially during a game. Yet, every single network engages in these meaningless moments as a way of showing us how well it covers the game. It seems that most of the reporters are women, but that's not the point (right, Andy Rooney?) Any reporter can look like an idiot on the sidelines; all it takes is 30 seconds, a microphone and a coach trying to run off the field.

So cut it out already! Show more highlights or the marching bands or whatever. Just no more sideline interviews. Unless, of course, you happen to interview this coach.


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