Friday, October 03, 2008

Omnipresent media, Part II

Former Cowboys running back (and noted dancer) Emmitt Smith has taken a lot of flak for his work as a television commentator. Smith's poor grammar, malaprops and a general unease in front of the camera have made O.J. Simpson's days as a broadcaster look like the golden age of television.

But Smith's latest flap comes over a short snippet currently making the rounds on YouTube. Smith was caught unaware coming back from a commercial break on Monday Night Football. He appears to be mouthing the words to Young Jeezy's "Still Owe Me Sex."

This isn't a major meltdown, but it adds to the growing list of commentators who keep getting caught unaware on national television. I've been out of television quite awhile now, but I do know one of the cardinal rules is: if you've got a microphone on, don't say anything you wouldn't want someone to hear.

Hard to believe that in this day and age of omnipresent media so many people could forget that.


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