Wednesday, December 03, 2008

More Sport Scholarship

Another journal I didn't even know existed ...

The Journal of Quantitative Analysis in Sports is published by Berkley Electronic Press, and from the look of the articles there is some heavy numbers crunching going on. (Maybe the BCS gurus could have used this article to prevent some of the current mess).

According to the journal, "Articles come from a wide variety of sports and perspectives and deal with such subjects as tournament structure, frequency and occurance of records and the optimal focus of training for decathlons. Additionally, the journal serves as an outlet for professionals in the sports world to raise issues and ask questions that related to quantitative sports analysis."

The guide for contributors can be found here. It appears to be an online journal only, which might cause some to doubt its importance. But given the growth in new technologies along with a downturn in the journal publishing business, I truly believe online journals will become more and more accepted.


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