Tuesday, January 06, 2009


The BCS is (deservedly) taking a lot of heat for its (flawed) bowl pairings process, but there is absolutely no reason to think that things will change anytime soon. But in big time sports, money talks ... along with television ratings. This year's BCS ratings have been terrible, even though they may get bailed out by Texas-Ohio State in the Fiesta Bowl and Thursday's 'national championship' game between Florida and Oklahoma.

On the subject of the BCS, Monday's Fiesta Bowl showed just why Fox getting out of the BCS was a good idea. The network simply has no idea how to televise a college football game. The announcers were sub-par (I'm assuming Fox's 'A-Team' will be working the Florida-OU game), there were several factual errors in the game graphics, and several plays were missed because Fox insisted on showing sideline/crowd shots (including overkill of Colt McCoy's parents) while Texas was running a hurry-up offense. Fox may do a decent job with the NFL, but it apparently doesn't have the savvy for big-time college football. Even the FSN college broadcasts during the regular season were better than what we've seen the past week.


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