Friday, May 15, 2009

AEJMC Interest Group

Sorry it's been so long since the last post here, but it has been a busy week or so. Graduation was last weekend, and intersession started this week. Add that to our ongoing dean search, and I haven't had much time to tend to this blog.

However, I did get an important e-mail that I wanted to pass along. Marie Hardin of Penn State is organizing an effort to start a sports interest group in AEJMC. It's a worthwhile effort and one that I support fully. I know that several other sports scholars have also indicated their support. If you are interested in this effort, Marie's email and contact information are listed below; I know she would appreciate hearing from you.
I've had conversations with some of you over the past several years about starting a sports-focused interest group in AEJMC. I think this might be a good year to move forward with such an initiative if there is sufficient interest. I have spoken with two key people in AEJMC: Kim Bissell, COD chair, and Jennifer McGill, executive director.

To be considered, we need to submit a petition with at least 25 names on it. We also need to present our rationale. These documents will go to the AEJMC board by Nov. 1; the board makes a decision in December, and, if successful, we move from there.

If you're interested, I'm willing to do the leg work. I could get the basic document constructed this summer, and I'd get your feedback on it at the convention. I'd need you to sign the petition and to recruit others to do so.

Please let me know whether you're interested in being involved in such an effort (and in the IG, when it's formed). If there's no interest, it's not worth going forward.

Marie Hardin


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