Tuesday, May 19, 2009

AEJMC Update

To update our previous post, it looks like there is enough interest to create a sports interest group within AEJMC. Here's the latest from Marie Hardin at Penn State, who is spearheading the efforts. If you want to contact her before the AEJMC convention, or don't plan on going to Boston, she can be reached at mch208@psu.edu:

The plan
I'll draft the initial application and petition with the help of a CSJ grad student. Part of the application will involve mining past AEJMC programs to document the number of sports-related papers that have had to be funneled through other IGs and divisions. We'll also look at the mission statements of the other IGs/divisions and use updated research on the number of schools and programs that offer sports-comm programs.

I'll have the document at AEJMC for your feedback. I'll need your signatures on the petition. Both the petition and document will go to the board in October, after we perfect them. If you won't be at AEJ and want to sign the petition, I'll scan it and send it out after Boston so you can add your name.

I'm also glad to coordinate an informal get-together in Boston -- it'll be hard to find a time, but we could shoot for an evening gathering Thursday night around 9:30 p.m.

If you have any questions, let me know. See you in August (I'll be the one with pen and petition in hand!)

-- Mh


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