Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Mixed Messages

By now you probably know all about the situation surrounding ESPN reporter Erin Andrews. Known as much for her beauty as her sideline commentary, Andrews was videoed surreptitiously while changing clothes in an Orlando hotel room. The naked images were posted online, where interestingly some links to the photos may be responsible for spreading a computer virus.

Almost without exception, the sports media have rallied around Andrews and characterized the photographer as a sleazy peeping-tom. So far, so good. But many of the same media outlets are also publishing links or copies of the pictures! What a mixed message. One one hand these outlets are telling us, "This is a terrible thing ... how could anyone do such a thing?" But behind their back they seem to say, "It may be bad, but hey, these are nude pictures! The people have a right to know!"

Boy, talk about the right hand not knowing what the left hand it doing. Please, sports media, don't lecture us about the evils of society while at the same time taking any and all opportunities to make a buck through exploitation.


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