Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Call for Editor

There are several changes taking place at JSM that I wanted to pass along:

Although it's not finalized yet, it looks like JSM will become the official publication of the new Sports Interest Group within AEJMC. We'll know more about that at the AEJMC convention this August.

Starting in the spring of 2011, JSM will become an online-only publication. Given the economics of the journal publishing industry, and the fact that online traffic to the JSM site has increased 70% in the past year, it is a decision that makes a lot of sense. We're also increasing the size of each issue to better accommodate the backlog of good research. Currently, we include 3 research pieces and an essay; starting in 2011 we'll add an additional research paper.

Perhaps most important, JSM is officially extending a call for a new editor to take over responsibility for the journal on or about August 2011. Responsibilities of the editor include but are not limited to:
  • Working with the editorial board to maintain the journal’s editorial vision
  • Handling, organizing and scheduling research submissions
  • Working with reviewers to evaluate submitted research
  • Determining the content of each issue
  • Determining the overall look, style and tone of the journal
  • Meeting publishing deadlines
  • Working with the publisher on all matters related to the journal
  • Working with external constituencies to promote the success of the journal

The Journal of Sports Media is published twice yearly (in spring and fall) by the University of Nebraska Press.

The ideal candidate should be committed to maintaining the journal’s emphasis on practical research that offers solutions to real-world problems in the areas of sports media.

For more information, or to apply, please contact:

Brad Schultz
School of Journalism & New Media
University of Mississippi


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