Wednesday, May 19, 2010

They All Want to Mess with Texas

Got a few moment here between intersession class and working on the documentary ...

It's (supposedly) off-season for college football, but there's no shortage of news. Possible conference realignment has dominated the spring and looks like it will dominate the summer as well. Everyone seems to be waiting on the Big 10, which is in the process of discussing realignment and expansion.

Depending on who you listen to, the Big 1o:

1) wants Notre Dame
2) wants Missouri
3) wants Nebraska
4) wants world peace

While the Big 10 fiddles, other conferences burn ... because one school jumping ship would signal a massive shifting among the power conferences. But no matter what the Big 10 says it's in the same boat with the Pac-10 and the SEC--they all want Texas.

Texas is the 800-pound gorilla trying to hide in the corner. It has money, prestige, money, television markets, money and profile. Every conference would love to pry away the Longhorns from the Big XII. Part of the allure of the Big 10 is its profitable television network.

But Texas doesn't need realignment like the conferences need/want Texas. In fact, the Longhorns are serious about dusting off an idea they came up with a couple of years ago--their own television/media network (empire). Given that most of the expansion talk is fueled by schools trying to get the best television deal, the Longhorn idea seems like a no-brainer. The logical extension is that Texas might eventually become like Notre Dame--a school that can make more money out on its own rather than having to share it with conference teams.

Like the 800-pound gorilla, it seems like Texas can play anywhere it wants to.


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