Tuesday, August 24, 2010

A Lesson from Little League

The NFL, NHL, NBA and NCAA all do it ... so why is Major League Baseball so reluctant to use instant replay to help umpires make calls? Maybe the majors could take a lesson from the Little Leagues.

The Little League World Series in going on now with expanded use of replay. The system is much like what is already in place for several sports--managers can challenge almost any call except balls and strikes--and it depends on the 14 to 16 cameras ESPN has at the game.

Currently, MLB only allows replay on contested home runs, and there have been instances where such calls have impacted the outcome of games. Would it slow the game down? Probably, but MLB games have never been known for their quick pace, so taking a little extra time would not hurt, and could even add to the excitement.

Change in baseball takes place slowly and with much opposition; the Questec system of measuring balls and strikes wasn't exactly welcomed with open arms. But if the technology exists to make sure the calls are correct, it's insanity not to use it. There's simply too much money involved to do otherwise. If nothing else, it may have given Armando Galarraga a much-deserved perfect game from earlier this season.


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