Thursday, November 04, 2010

Several items going today

... so I decided to just lump them together in one post:

1) Sports researchers at Murray State are investigating the ways that football fans react to games and express their fandom. The researchers need some feedback through an online questionnaire and encourage you to take part.

2) The Mississippi Communications Association has an open call for papers for its annual convention next February. The submission deadline is January 21, 2011 and you can get more information about the call here. I'm not sure if it's limited to scholars in Mississippi, but I would have to believe they would accept submissions from the region. The competition is open to all sports entries.

3) And don't forget the sports journalism chat hosted by the Curley Center for Sports Journalism at Penn State. The topic is "The Intersection Between Fantasy Sports and Sports Coverage: Implications for Journalists and Predictions for Media Organizations." It takes place at 1pm Eastern time on November 15 and you can access the chat at this site.


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