Thursday, March 31, 2011

Not a Rose-y picture

Lots of apologies from former NBAer and current ESPN basketball analyst Jalen Rose for his recent DUI. A blood test revealed that Rose was over the legal limit when his car skidded off the road on March 11.

Rose has been a fairly high-profile NBA analyst for ESPN, and the documentary he helped produce on Michigan's former "Fab Five" basketball team (of which Rose was a member) is also currently running on the network. The documentary became controversial for Rose's comments that he didn't get recruited by Duke because the school was only interested in "Uncle Tom" black players.

From our perspective, the question now is what ESPN will do with Rose. The network has history of acting quickly and severely when on-air talent gets into legal trouble. So far, ESPN has made no announcement about Rose's status or future, but you've got to figure some kind of suspension or similar punishment is in line. It would be both uncharacteristic and self-serving for the network let this pass without some sort of punitive action.


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