Monday, June 20, 2011

NBC Takes the Pledge

I'm sorry, but I don't accept NBC's lame apology for its editing of the Pledge of Allegiance during Sunday's final round coverage of the U.S. Open golf tournament. The network produced a short feature on patriotism to coincide with the tournament being held near Washington, DC, but in the feature the pledge omitted the words "under God."

NBC's excuse? It really never offered one, other than to say the editing was "not meant to offend anyone." Of course, it did offend quite a few people, including those conservatives who for years have complained about perceived NBC liberal bias.

I do believe NBC slants left (and its cable outlets MSNBC and CNBC go way left), but the main problem here seems to be one of cowardice. Maybe NBC didn't want to deal with calls of complaints from anti-religious groups yelling to "get God out of the U.S. Open" (and on a Sunday, no less!), but there's just no excuse for changing the pledge.

Bad, dumb and unnecessary.


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