Friday, October 27, 2006

Academic Sports Journalism

Just got off the phone with Marc Krein of Oklahoma State, who told me that the department there now offers an emphasis in sports media. The list of courses includes Sportswriting, Sports Production, Sports in the Newsroom and two courses in Sports PR. Penn State has a Center for Sports Journalism, thanks to a $1.5 million grant from the Knight Foundation.

Let's hope this constitutes a growing trend at schools across the country. For too long sports journalism has been derided as a "toy" department, and it's gratifying to see recognition within the academic community. If your school is doing something along these lines, let me know. I'd like to start building a list of who's doing what.


Blogger Thermocaster said...

Hi there. I'm Galen Clavio, and I'm a doctoral student in Sport Management/Sport Communication at Indiana University.

While we don't have a program in Sport Journalism per se, we're making efforts to significantly expand our academic offerings in this area. There are currently two Sport Communication undergraduate classes. I teach one of these, and I've designed it as a hybrid class that concentrates on public relations, newswriting, and broadcast journalism. At the graduate level, we have classes in both Sport Communication and Sport Media Writing.

Like you, I'm also glad to see that this area is starting to get the academic attention it deserves.

1:22 AM  
Blogger Reem said...

Hi... I am currently searching for post-graduate programs in sports journalism and was wondering if you have any information about that. If you do, plz let me know how i can contact you... Thanks

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