Thursday, September 13, 2007

Blogging the NCAA Way

The NCAA has taken a lot of flak in recent years as being heavy-handed, autocratic and sometimes just plain dumb. In an effort to combat that image the NCAA has now turned to blogging in hopes of creating a more positive image among the sports media public.
The blog is at and is run by a former intern who now works full time for the NCAA as new media coordinator. Josh Centor, who started the blog in November, says it has become fairly popular with fans. He also adds, "The blog will offer our many thoughts and opinions, which for the record, may or may not be in agreement with official NCAA policy. Given that as a group, we interns aren’t too far removed from college and intercollegiate athletics, our hope is to add the voice of students and student-athletes to the debate on issues affecting the NCAA."
Centor seems like an energetic, well-meaning guy and the blog has a nice look to it. But I'm a little leery as to how much leash the NCAA will give him if he starts biting the hand that feeds him. Most of the stuff seems pretty vanilla (today's poll question: are there too many weekday college football games?) and certainly harmless. It would be more interesting to see how the NCAA reacts when, or if, Centor starts taking hard shots at his own boss.


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