Wednesday, April 09, 2008

Owner of media company limits media access

I'm not really certain what to say about this story from the New York Daily News this past Sunday. Apparently, the New York Knicks and their owner James Dolan (who also owns Cablevision) have some intriguing policies for dealing with the media. A few interesting observations from the article.

First, apparently the Knicks keep a binder on each writer who covers the team, sort of a scouting report.
"There are certain writers that the company won't deal with because of negative stories they've written," said the former executive, who requested anonymity. "Other writers they know they can play ball with. There are some influential writers and radio guys that people at the Garden will say, 'We own them.'"

Second, how would you like to be the intern who listens to radio talk shows and makes the "naughty and nice" list? I work at a university which has regularly sent interns to Madison Square Garden. I have never heard of an intern doing that, but then again I suppose MSG might be censoring their journals.

Third, in "fairness" to MSG, Dolan is giving new GM Donnie Walsh control of media relations and Walsh has promised a more professional working environment.

At any rate, the article is a good, er, interesting, read and there is a link to the 16-page media relations document "obtained" by the NY Daily News. See the top of the first page for the link.


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