Sunday, November 15, 2009

A Few Observations ...

...after watching a lot of football this weekend:
  • Could someone please tell Fox Sports Net that when a team goes into a no-huddle offense not to waste time with replays? FSN missed not one, but two, touchdowns in the Texas-Baylor game Saturday because it was busy showing replays of the previous play. FSN also missed a slew of other plays and never did seem to figure out how to handle the no-huddle. In general, FSN and Versus seem to have the weakest efforts in terms of televising college football.

  • Hard to tell whether Fox was showing the Dallas-Green Bay game Sunday or a series of commercials. Consider this sequence from late in the first quarter: the Packers completed a pass and the first quarter ran out--Fox went to a commercial. Coming back from the commercial it turns out Dallas challenged the catch, which was ruled incomplete. The officials put 2o seconds back on the clock and Green Bay punted--Fox went to a commercial. Back from the commercial Dallas ran a play and the first quarter ended--Fox then went to a commercial. If they were keeping a book on such things it would read:
    play-commercial-play-commercial-play-commercial. Thank goodness it ended there or the game would still be going.

  • On the subject of games that seem to go on forever, we constantly hear that it's OK to put up with the endless delays caused by instant replay as long as the officials get it "right." Well, in the 4th quarter of the still-close Dallas-Green Bay game, replay showed that a fumble by Tony Romo was recovered by the Cowboys' Felix Jones, then knocked loose and recovered by the Packers. Dallas challenged, but according to the officials the play could not be challenged. Say what??? Isn't that at the point of replay? To get it "right?" Following up, the Fox announcers quoted NFL Supervisor of Officials Mike Pereira as saying that "recovery of the fumble on the field of play is not a reviewable play; only a fumble in the end zone." It's a dumb rule that needs to be changed immediately. The Packers scored an easy touchdown that clinched the game.
  • Maybe it's just because I can remember his heyday, but does anyone seem to have more fun working a game that Brent Musberger? Sure, sometimes he says silly or outrageous things, but that's part of his charm. Brent seemed to be having a lot of fun Saturday night doing the Notre Dame-Pittsburgh game, and I think audiences can pick up on that. I hope he has a lot of years left calling college football.


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