Friday, February 16, 2007

ESPN ... is everywhere!

ESPN has been a busy boy the past few weeks, at least in terms of implementing a strategy for new technology. The sports media mega-giant announced plans for new efforts in podcasting and a national radio station/Internet network.

Great for consumers, but the question now becomes "how big is too big?" ESPN has succeeded to the point where it has pushed almost all competition out of the marketplace. A few years ago CNN tried to compete with SportsCenter, but ultimately threw in the towel. Fox Sports Net has had more success on a regional basis, but its current efforts are like a gnat buzzing around the 800-pound elephant.

This might be much ado about nothing. After all, isn't the point to get more sports content into the hands of consumers? But it's not too farfetched to think about the day where all sports media content carries the ESPN or Disney brand. The broadcast networks are already cutting back on their investment in high-priced rights fees (notice how it's now "ESPN College Football on ABC?").

Hard to believe this is the same outfit that started in 1979 broadcasting from a garage studio ...


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