Wednesday, January 24, 2007

The Good, the Blog and the Ugly ...

I've been in the process of gathering information for a research study on blogging in sports media and I'd like to pass along some of the preliminary data. It's from a national sample of journalist-bloggers at local sports media such as television stations, newspapers and radio stations. The respondents are primarily reporters, anchors and editors who contribute to a blog site at their media outlets.

The data show a very pessimistic attitude among the respondents regarding blogging in general. Here are some of the questions and response totals:

Blogging makes an important contribution to our sports coverage --48% disagree, 32% agree
Our blogging has increased our audience size -- 74% disagree, 18% agree
Our blog readers also consume our traditional sports content -- 67% disagree, 16% agree
I would still blog, even if I didn't have to -- 49% disagree, 15% agree
Blogging has made me a better sports journalist -- 71% disagree, 12% agree

The qualitative data also indicate some very real concerns about management. Many of the respondents feel "forced" into writing a blog, which consumes extra time for no extra pay. They also worry about the lack of standards for blogs. Several comments touched on the lack of accountability. Despite all this, a plurality of respondents (47%) believed the role of blogging in sports journalism would increase in the future.

Seems like a lot of issues need to be worked out ...


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