Tuesday, March 06, 2007

IJSC Call for Papers

As noted earlier, the International Journal of Sport Communication will begin publishing in 2008. Here is the official call for papers, along with other information. For more information, contact editor Paul Pedersen--

Indiana University
Bloomington, IN 47405 USA
Phone: (812) 855-4066
Facsimile: (812) 855-3193
E-mail: ppederse@indiana.edu

Call for Papers: Human Kinetics is pleased to announce the 2008 launch of a new journal: International Journal of Sport Communication (IJSC). This refereed and multidisciplinary quarterly will promote the understanding and advancement of the relationship between sport and communication.

Journal Mission: The mission of the International Journal of Sport Communication (IJSC) is to provide a platform for academics and practitioners to disseminate research and information on the unique aspects and divergent activities associated with any communication in sport, through sport, or in a sport setting.

·Research: The journal will be principally committed to the publication of theoretical and applied sport communication research from any tradition of scholarship.

Aim and Scope: Articles published by IJSC have been reviewed by its editorial board for their perceived contribution to the understanding and advancement of the field of sport communication. All submissions are welcome as the quarterly is an international peer-reviewed journal that has an interdisciplinary appeal to researchers and practitioners in the field. Examples of acceptable topics for consideration range from sport public relations, all-sports cable channels, sport journalism, and interpersonal communication in sport to sports broadcasting, organizational communication in sport, sport Web logs, and sports radio. Other possible foci of submissions include socio-cultural issues in the sport media, international sport communication, sport media management and production, diffusion of sport media discourses, historical and political aspects of sport communication, content analyses of sport programming and media messages, strategic management in sport communication, economic, and financial aspects affiliated with the sport media, sport film and photography, media sports consumption and negotiation, human resources development in sport communication, emerging technologies in sport media, management of sport media organizations, sport media and the law, and sport communication personnel.

Audience: The published contents of the journal are intended for academicians engaged in researching or teaching sport communication, and professionals and organizations engaged in the practice of sport communication.

Cross-Disciplinary Appeal: IJSC welcomes innovative and original research submissions by academics, practitioners, and research students on any analysis related to sport communication. The members of the editorial board (and prospective manuscript submitters) are sport communication scholars from diverse fields such as critical studies, sport management, advertising, communication policy, history, media studies, psychology, telecommunications, cultural studies, sport marketing, international communication, gender studies, journalism, public relations, communication theory, and new media.


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