Saturday, June 21, 2008

Sorry, Part II

That interesting 2 1/2 weeks has now stretched into almost a month. I went to Florida this week to pack up my mother's belongings in the process of moving her into assisted living here in Oxford. I'm so tired my whole body hurts, but I've got to get this blog back in gear.

As noted in an earlier post, the BEA has started a sports division. The following call comes from division chair Mike Bruce ( regarding 2009 convention proposals. The deadline is coming soon, August 15--

The spotlight (theme) for BEA2009 is "Ethics and..." The sports division needs to come up with it's own version of this theme, for example "Ethics and Sports," or "Ethics and Athletics." If you have a preference for one of these, or have a suggestion of your own, please let me know. I hope the sports division will have at least one panel session devoted to this emphasis on ethics.

54th Annual Convention & Exhibition
7th Annual Festival of Media Arts
April 22-25, 2009, Las Vegas, NV

Call for Program Proposals
Submission Deadline: August 15, 2008

The Broadcast Education Association invites program proposals from academics, students and professionals for presentation at the 54th annual convention, in Las Vegas, Nevada. The BEA 2009 convention spotlight, "Ethics and…" serves as a focus for the convention, but program proposals are not limited only to this area of research and discussion. However, all sessions must adhere to the goals and objectives of the interest division(s) to which they are submitted. Please check the BEA website for a description of each division’s area of interest.

Program Session Types

By the August 15th deadline, program proposals of the following types will be accepted from individual members by the interest division chairs or the convention program chair:
• Invited panel/paper sessions: These are the standard convention format sessions with a moderator, 3-5 presenters and, if possible, a respondent (and sponsored by Interest Divisions).
• Invited plenary sessions: These panel or speaker sessions should be of broad interest to all convention attendees and would be scheduled in stand alone times. Of particular interest are plenary sessions related to the broad topic of ethics and how it cuts across various strands of broadcast education, technology, production, news, and other relevant areas.
• Showcases: These sessions highlight student work in which faculty have been involved. Showcases are to be more "show" than "tell" and require preparation of audio-visual material before coming to convention. (These sessions are sponsored by Interest Divisions.)
• Technical Demonstrations of hardware or software. An equipment or software manufacturer/vendor brings in the latest communication technology to demonstrate. Often, faculty who have worked with the technology are included to talk about their experiences with the equipment/software in the classroom or lab.
• Workshops involving intensive training and professional development.
• Alternative innovative ideas for meaningful program sessions, such as off-site tours or technical training.

Proposal Procedures
The Interest Divisions of the BEA significantly shape the convention program. Individuals submit an Online Program Proposal Form which will be made available to the chair of the Interest Division indicated for sponsorship or multiple Divisions in the case of co-sponsored proposals. Division leaders evaluate and rank the proposals, forwarding those the division wants included in the program to the Convention Program Chair. The 2009 Convention Program Chair is Dr. Anthony Moretti. His contact information is: OR 1-412-392-4311.

Every effort will be made to give each division at least two invited panel sessions, a competitive paper session and a division meeting. In reality, all program slots are competitive in that if proposals are not submitted or information is not provided in a complete and timely manner those program slots may be assigned to other session proposals. Priority will be given to proposals forwarded by the Interest Divisions especially those panels sponsored by more that one Division.


Co-sponsored panel proposals are encouraged. Panel producers must indicate on the online proposal form each division being proposed as a co-sponsor. Panel proposals with multiple interest divisions indicated for sponsorship will be made available to each division’s chair for consideration. Co-sponsorship occurs when more than one division recommends a specific panel for inclusion in the program. No more than two (2) Interest Divisions will be listed for co-sponsorship on a particular session.

Panel Participants

In an effort to maximize opportunity for diverse participation, panel proposals should seek participants representing a mix of genders, ethnicity, institutional affiliations, and nationalities. Panel proposals should also seek to include participants new to BEA and to the BEA Convention. Professionals in the industry also are encouraged as participants. It is BEA policy that a person is limited in the number of appearances he/she may make during the convention.
1. An individual may have only one appearance as a panelist during the convention.
2. A person may have one additional appearance as a panel moderator or respondent.
3. A person may have unlimited appearances as a presenter of competitive papers, productions or other competitive sessions.
Division Chairs are to evaluate the eligibility of the participants in those proposals submitted by that division. The Program Chair shall determine participant eligibility across divisions once the proposals are submitted.

COMPLETED Program Proposal Submission Forms must be submitted online by August 15, 2008.


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