Monday, August 04, 2008

Off to Chicago

I'm off to Chicago for the AEJMC Convention and won't be back until next week. If you're going to be in Chicago don't forget the pre- convention sports panel that takes place on Tuesday, August 5. It's called Teaching Sports Communication Courses: A Roundtable for Educators and it starts at 1pm.

Another parting gift ... I just got this email regarding a panel proposal for next spring's BEA convention. If you are interested, please make the appropriate contact.

Denise Belafonte, Lynn University, is seeking panelists for a panel she is proposing on Curriculum, Ethics and Athletics. A description of the panel can be found below. If you are interested in serving as a panelist on this panel, please contact Denise at or 561-237-7334 (office).

Panel Description:

Media production courses usually require a vast amount of teamwork specifically when working as a production crew in Multi-camera studio and remote situations. Colleges and Universities with NCAA division sports teams, inevitably travel in their required "seasons" thus missing many hands-on productions. Even project work is sometimes compromised when extensive shooting, editing, and planning are mandated. In this situation, deadlines are sometimes missed, and participation in group projects and crew rotations are "excused". But at the end of the day, (or semester), are the athletes learning the same extensive knowledge and able to perform at their highest industry standard? Statistically the majority of Athletes have successful GPA standings, but ethically, we may feel that they are not receiving all of the benefits of the learning and "hands on" opportunities the average student would absorb. How can we be assured that we are fulfilling the obligation to achieve the same consistency and flow of curriculum rubric and grading criteria equal to all?


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