Thursday, February 12, 2009

Conference Updates (and such)

A couple of reminders about upcoming conference panels, papers and deadlines:

1. There are less than 3 weeks remaining until abstracts are due for the International Society for Comparative Physical Education and Sport Regional Summit in Vancouver. You can get more information from the ISCPES website about the call and other conference information. For more information contact Anthony Church, Laurentian University (Phone: 705-675-1151 ext. 2320;

2. Karen Hartman as Ashland (OH) University is looking to put a panel together for NCA that focuses on the rhetorical construction of relegated American sports and how that rhetoric upholds or weakens their placement in the sporting realm. She says she is open to a variety of topics and will organize a panel based on the results she gets. The deadline is approaching faster than we like, so please submit proposals as soon as possible. You can email your proposal to the following email address:


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