Friday, April 10, 2009

Have a Good Friday

JSM wishes its family and audience a happy Easter, but remember ... you can't have Easter without Good Friday.

Before we go for the weekend, this comes from JSM contributor Ric Jensen, formerly at Texas A&M and now at South Dakota--

"I am going to launch a research survey to examine the extent to which American sports fans might approve [or not] the recent practice of Major League Soccer to allow teams to wear prominent ads on their jerseys. I am trying to find out who on the list may have some ideas about resources I could read that deal with the history of international soccer leagues and clubs in allowing this to occur. I understand that The English Premier League began allowing large ads on jerseys back in the 1980s. Any advice you can give or any people you could share this request with would be most appreciated.

BTW, I am still hoping to study how NASCAR is cultivating a Hispanic fan base in the event you are interested. Seeing as y'all [using a Texas term] are in the Heart of NASCAR country, I thought you might be interested!"

If anyone can help Ric his email is:


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