Friday, November 06, 2009

CFP: Special Issue-Journal of Sport & Social Issues

Information about the call:

Call for Papers
Physical Cultural Studies
Special Issue of Sociology of Sport Journal
Guest editors: Michael Silk, David Andrews

In recent times a specific area of critical intellectual inquiry has emerged, Physical Cultural Studies (PCS), which actively seeks to reinvigorate and reconceptualize the cultural study of sport, while simultaneously compelling us to reconsider the empirical and political import of cultural physicalities. PCS advocates suggest it is mobilized as an emergent intellectual project with an interdisciplinary and multidimensional commitment toward critical and theoretically informed engagement with various expressions of the physical (including, but by no means restricted to, sport, exercise, fitness, leisure, health, dance, and movement-related active embodied practices). The aim of this call for papers is to generate a special issue that will further define the parameters of PCS.

This special issue will delineate explicit ontological, epistemological, methodological, political, and axiological assumptions that need to be dialogically engaged (and perhaps more accurately represent the distillation and generation of knowledge within the field. Authors should follow the "Instructions for Contributors," and the paper should be roughly 8,000 words including endnotes and reference list.

Please address questions to Dr. Michael Silk, or
Dr. David Andrews,
Due date for papers: March 31st, 2010


Blogger sportsbabel said...

Hi Brad,

Is the call for JSSI or SSJ? You have both journals linked there....

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