Friday, October 09, 2009

PSU's "Expert Opinion"

Kudos to Penn State (and its Center for Sports Journalism) for producing its "Expert Opinion" series. The 3 programs all focus on a different area of sports media, including careers in sports journalism (which ran Wednesday), the impact of new media (Oct. 14), and how athletes can handle life after college competition (Oct. 21). All the programs all available on the Big 10 Network, which airs campus programming from conference schools when it's not showing games or other sports features.

But having said that, the show really drags with low production values (a nice way of saying it's pretty boring ... essentially four people sitting around set talking for an entire hour), which means a lot of the good information gets lost. Now, maybe they did something later in the hour to perk up things, but I had quit watching long since then.

At the risk of coming off as too critical--c'mon Penn State! These important topics deserve a little bit better treatment.


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