Tuesday, November 03, 2009

JSM Online Subscriptions

JSM's publisher, the University of Nebraska Press, informs me that you can now get an online subscription to the journal as an alternative to the print version. A subscription gives one year of access to all JSM content available on Project MUSE, even if MUSE isn't available through your library. Price for the online subscription is $22, which is 30% off the regular print subscription price. It's obviously a great deal, especially for our foreign readers who now don't have to pay overseas postage prices. E-subscriptions need to be set up through the UNP web site; as part of the process subscribers will need to set up an account, but access is available at any time from any Internet connection.

JSM is only the third journal that UNP has set up for e-subscriptions, and we are certainly grateful. This is just the latest step in making JSM more relevant and more accessible to those in the sports media community. Our thanks to UNP for taking this step.


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