Monday, July 11, 2011

WFAA-Day One

Have only been here a few hours, but what an opportunity! A great station with a long history of great television journalism (several Peabodys, Murrows and Emmys every year).

A few things learned already:

*Even large market stations are still trying to figure out the web and how to monetize it. They simply repurpose material here--put the same stuff on the web they have on TV--for several reasons, including economic.

*Heavy emphasis on reporting skills and unique television content. Not so much on technology. "The speed changes, but not the process," is how they put it. "Reporters still need to go out and ask questions."

*For all you hear about generalists, there is still a division between reporters and videographers here. That may be more of a large market situation, and small market stations are probably more in need of one-man bands.

Going out on a story now ... should have more after that.


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