Monday, July 16, 2007

Two more CFPs and help ...

Another posting here from sports media researchers looking for help in conducting their work. Please read the calls and feel free to contact the individuals if you want to help:

1. I am finishing a paper about the reaction of the media and fans in New York and Austria following the move by Red Bull to take over these clubs and name them after their drink. I am looking for someone, faculty or grad student, who might want to coauthor. Ideally, I would like to find someone who knows German so they could do a content analysis of newspaper accounts in the Austrian media. Failing that, I would like to find someone with an interest in international sports marketing.

Ric Jensen, Ph.D.Assistant Research Scientist
Texas Water Resources Institute
21181500 Research Parkway, Suite 240-A
College Station, TX 77843-2118

2. Special Issue of Football Studies: Call for Papers--Football stars: understanding celebrity across the football codes

Football, in its various forms, plays an important role in societies across the globe. Although the specific code may change from nation to nation, the football star often functions as a representative of particular ideals that she/he carries with them through their success or failure as an athlete. In many of the football codes the (post)modern player has become a commodity,snatched up by the media and lapped-up by the fans. Is it is ultimately this process that fashions their identity or character? Focusing upon a football star, as a site for exploring the complex interrelated and fluid character of power and identity relations, presents worthwhile opportunities for examining the place of football in contemporary society. Although there has been much valuable research published on sporting celebrity, including works on association football, there has been little work on athletes from many of the other football codes. This special issue of Football Studies aims to expand this area of research activity and welcomes papers on any football code. Themes that might be addressed include:·

The changing historical significance of football stars·
(Re)presentations of celebrity outside and beyond of the dominantfootball code·
Changing (re)presentations of football as it relates to race, gender, class, nation and sexuality· Comparative studies which address the differences in(re)presentations linked to any of the above.·
The role of fandom in the 'construction' of football celebrity·
Football stars as 'cultural intermediaries'·
The standing of contemporary football 'stars' in the postmodern celebrity pecking order

Expressions of Interest: Please submit a 200 word abstract to John Harris for consideration by 31 July, 2007. Deadline: Final papers must be submitted by 30 September. The expected publication date is December 2007 in Football Studies 10(1/2).

Contact details--
John Harris PhD Associate Professor School of Exercise, Leisure and Sport
Kent State University
Kent, Ohio, 44242 USA


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