Monday, September 17, 2007

If a tree falls in the woods ...

... or more precisely, if they hold a championship game and no one watches, did it really happen?

The WNBA is probably asking itself that today after it scheduled the deciding game of the league championship series for a Sunday. All that was going on? 15 NFL games, Tiger Woods dominating a golf tournament, Yankees-Red Sox and the Patriots playing the Chargers in "Spygate." No official ratings have yet been released, but it's hard to imagine anyone outside the players' immediate families was watching.

By most accounts, the WNBA has seen some growth this year, including attendance. There's even talk of expansion, but the league desperately needs good TV numbers to survive, and it's not getting them on ESPN or ABC. This latest scheduling incident obviously didn't help.

Who won the game Sunday? Don't ask me ... I was watching the NFL.


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