Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Odds and Ends

Some mid-week information that you might find interesting ...

*Andy Billings at Clemson says there's nothing new on the move to create a sport division within NCA. According to Andy, "They will not consider any new divisions in San Diego next month and are still exploring the impact of new divisions (and criteria for old ones). Chicago in 2009…at the earliest."

*Andy and the staff at Clemson did a great job hosting the 2nd Sport Communication Summit last year. Several people have inquired about 2009, but the Summit happens every two years (at least for the time being). The next one will be in 2010 in Cleveland. More info will be posted about that in the weeks to come from the organizers at Kent State and Youngstown State.

*And congratulations to Bradley University, which has approved a new program in sports communication. Dept. of Communication Chair Paul Guillifor has been instrumental in moving the program through the faculty senate; the new program will begin in fall 2009.


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