Monday, March 02, 2009

All talk ... and then some

We live in a world of niche sports media where audiences seemingly can't get enough of their favorite team or athlete. But that was severely put to the test Saturday by the NFL Network.

The NFL free agency period started that day and it was treated like the kickoff of a Super Bowl. Actually, there was some notable activity, including the Patriots trading QB Matt Cassel to Kansas City. But the NFLN went on the air live at Noon to give the report ... and didn't stop talking until after 6pm! I watched for a couple of minutes, came back an hour or so later and then checked back in that evening and there they were--the same studio talking heads talking about the same trade! (For all I know they may still be talking; I tuned out around dinner time). There was precious little news to report; just continuous 'in depth' analysis of the same event.

Hey, NFLN ... the season is over! Is there anyone that is going to sit through six straight hours of the NFLN dissecting these off-season deals? (Wait a minute ... this is the same network that televised almost the entire NFL Combine--guys running wind sprints in shorts--which some people found compelling television).

The only reason I kept checking back with NFLN was because they had scheduled an entire day of their "Top 10" shows, which I find interesting. (The "America's Game" and "Missing Rings" shows are also top notch).

I guess NFLN figures it has to go live (and stay live) with this kind of stuff to stay ahead of the competition. But in this case 'more' was not necessarily 'better.'


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