Friday, October 02, 2009

Penn State, BTN team on interesting sport media talk shows

I posted this on my personal blog a few minutes ago and thought the audience here would want to tune in.

Just caught this today on my Twitter feed (H/T @KnightAthletics). Penn State is hosting a series of Expert Opinion talk shows on sport media and college athletics. The shows, part of the “Expert Opinion with Graham Spanier” series, will also air on Wednesdays in October on the Big Ten Network.

From the news release: the first show is “Careers in Sports Journalism” (Oct. 7); the second show is “Impact of New Media” (Oct. 14); and the third show is “Life After NCAA” (Oct. 21). The New Media panel includes Marie Hardin of the Penn State’s John Curley Center for Sports Journalism and Kathleen Hessert of Sport Media Challenge. Hardin does good research in the sports media area and writes an insightful blog, Sports, Media & Society. Hessert must have an amazing amount of frequent flyer miles, because she has been everywhere in 2009.

The series looks worthwhile.


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