Monday, April 05, 2010

The Day After

I was going to run this picture yesterday, but got busy with other things. Hope your Easter was a blessed one ...

The Journal of Sport Administration and Supervision has announced an interesting partnership with trade journal The Sports Business Exchange. The relationship will allow for cross-publication of selected articles on various sports business topics. The partnership came about when both sides noticed a lot of overlap in terms of content and core audience.

JSM applauds this effort and we think more academic journals should look to partner with professional outlets. On a personal level, I have often felt that many academic journals are published solely for the sake of the authors and those looking for tenure. During my 15 years in local television sports I can say with certainty that at no time did anyone in the newsroom learn about the industry from an academic journal; those in the business read trade magazines like Broadcasting & Cable.

This is not to say that academic journals don't have a role. But if such journals are going to be relevant in a streamlined, digital age, (not to mention an age of uncertain media economics) they have to reach out in partnerships like this one. JSM continues along that road, although I will be the first to admit we're not there yet.

BTW, today marks the 400th post for the JSM blog. Celebrate as you feel appropriate.


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