Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Talkin' 'bout my (video) generation

Want more proof that we live in a 24/7, instant access world, especially in sports media?

1) Check out the video from YouTube on the Florida high school player who got tossed from the game (and then school) for assaulting a ref. We all shake our heads and say, "How could this happen?," but the video already has more than 100,000 hits and is one of the most popular sports entries of the day. YouTube exposure only encourages more outrageous behavior from those who want their 15 seconds of fame (or infamy). It's also no surprise at all that the video came from someone in the stands. In a certain way, YouTube has also become the electronic policeman at sporting events, especially on the local level.

2) Unbeaten TCU doesn't have a chance to meet Oregon for the BCS championship, but the Frogs will give the Ducks a run for the most hideous uniforms. TCU unveiled its Rose Bowl uniforms, which are unique in several ways, most notably in that they have the school colors only in the socks and shoes. For some reason, schools that rarely play on the big stage feel like they have to make a huge splash for the TV audience, and Nike seems to be behind most of it. Here's hoping that Wisconsin comes out in the Rose Bowl with its simple red and white.


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