Thursday, April 05, 2007

There's no crying in hockey

I realize this has absolutely nothing to do with sports media (except that in ran in Newsday), but a great story on the the New York Islanders "Ice Girls" and their complaints of rough treatment by the New York Rangers. I ran this by a friend, hockey fan and former television colleague, who said, "All that was missing was the Tom Hanks line from League of Their Own: 'Crying? There's no crying in hockey!' What are these women doing violating the goalie's inner sanctum? Get them off the ice!" Of course, he's also a Rangers fan.
My personal take? The girls were lucky it wasn't Tie Domi or Bob Probert.
Have a safe and blessed end to Holy Week and a joyous Easter ...


Blogger gwadzilla said...

interesting story

I do not know enough about it to spout off about this one...

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