Thursday, October 04, 2007

If you're teaching sports media courses ...

... T.C. Corrigan at the Center for Sports Journalism at Penn State is trying to establish a contact list. His request and contact information are below:

We're trying to establish a contact list of journalism instructors that teach sports media courses (e.g., Sports Journalism; Sports Broadcasting; Sports, Media & Society). Our hope is to foster communication between educators within the field, as well as track the growth of such courses and programs. If your department offers a program or courses similar to those described above, your response would be greatly appreciated. Please include the course(s) offered, instructors and e-mail addresses if available. If no such courses are available, a simple negative reply would be helpful as well.

Thank you for your time,
T.C. Corrigan
Doctoral Student, College of Communications
Research Asst., Ctr. for Sports Journalism
Penn State


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