Monday, October 27, 2008

Ratings (cont.)

The World Series could end quickly now that the Phillies own a 3-1 lead over Tampa. Bad news for baseball and especially FOX, which had a rough weekend. On Saturday, a rain delay pushed the start of Game 3 to 10pm Eastern time, which meant the game (although exciting) didn't end until almost 2 in the morning. Baseball executives had a tough decision waiting out the 2-hour rain delay: postpone or try to get the game in, even if it goes on late. While most felt the decision was a bad one, John Harper of the New York Daily News had more appreciation for the tough spot commissioner Bud Selig found himself in. Then on Sunday, the first blowout in the series further depressed ratings numbers.

Nothing new or shocking here. FOX desperately needs the series to get back to Tampa, but that now seems unlikely. As much as people say they hate the Yankees, Dodgers and/or Red Sox, baseball needs them in the series to get people to tune in.

And hey, here's an idea ... how about World Series games during the DAY time?


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