Tuesday, November 04, 2008

Fan Media Network

There is a new sports reporting opportunity for college students through the Fan Media Network. This is another technology-driven 'citizen journalist' system where students can report on games and upload their stories back to the network and the Web. According to the company:

Fan Media Network is building a network of fan video reporters (correspondents) for 190 NFL, NBA, NHL, MLB and NCAA teams in over 40 major media markets across the U.S. and Canada. The first step is to build a reporter / fan profile page at our website and upload a 1:00 - 2:00 audition video on the team(s) pages in your area under the 'Become A Reporter' area. Some requirements to be a correspondent include: having access to a digital video camera, camcorder or professional camera, and being able to edit video. Our video journalists cover the teams from the fan's perspective, from the streets to your seats - entertaining fan video reports you won't see on ESPN, CBS, FOX or YouTube. This is highly organized and professional citizen video journalism for professional and collegiate sports. FMN is interested in working with the first available correspondents who meet the requirements, can collaborate on editorial direction and represent the network in a professional manner. If there are any questions we can be reached at reporter@fanmedianetwork.com.

If you are your students are interested, there is another contact name. Kirk Berridge is the CEO of FMN and can be reached at 408-595-4900, kirk@fanmedianetwork.com.


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