Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Thank you, Ron

One more thing before Vegas (see the previous post) ...

It's Journalism Week here at Ole Miss, and we have invited in several guest speakers for the students. I suppose the headline speaker would be Dan Rather, but for me one of the highlights so far was ESPN's Ron Franklin. Franklin is an Ole Miss alum whose voice is heard by millions every Saturday night during college football and basketball seasons. But he acts like anything but a big-time sports announcer.

Today, during his presentation, lunch and classroom visit, Ron was gracious, polite and genuinely interested in what the students had to say. He gave as much of his time as anyone wanted, and certainly didn't try to 'big-time' anyone.

In a business where nice guys are sometimes in short supply, Ron is a true gentleman. And if you ever see him on one of his many travels, in an airport or maybe at an arena, go shake his hand and tell him so.


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