Monday, December 20, 2010

Had to Post This

A friend sent this to me, and it's simply too good not to share. It doesn't specifically pertain to sports broadcasting, but I think it should be required viewing of anyone considering going into sports television or TV news:


Blogger Unknown said...

Journal of Sports Media team - do you have a way to contact directly? I enjoy your blog and wanted to submit an article:

My name is Brian Clapp, I am the founder of and a 12-year veteran of the Sports TV industry. I have just penned a behind-the-scenes article on how ESPN Monday Night Football adjusted their production after the Metrodome roof collapse forced them outside. It’s a fascinating first-hand account via a senior director at ESPN who was in charge of the production.

I'm not spamming you, I'm trying to reach out - you don't post a way to contact you!

If you are interested in talking further email me: brian at

All the best,
Brian Clapp

4:02 PM  
Blogger Brad Schultz said...


Just contact me


7:57 AM  

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