Thursday, November 09, 2006

Research of the Week

We had 25 submissions for the latest issue of the Journal of Sports Media, which is quite a lot for an annual publication. We accepted four, which means we turned away 21 papers--some of them of exceptional quality. Our hope is that the journal will eventually become a semi-annual or quarterly publiation, which would allow us to publish more research.

We're trying to stress two things in the research we publish. Primarily, it should have practical application for sports media practitioners. That is, we believe that the research should be of practical value to those in the sports media field--editors, public relations specialists, news directors, etc.

The research should also be primarily concerned with media. It can use a variety of different foci to examine the media issue--such as history, advertising, economics, and the like--but the paper should be first and foremost about media.

For example, here's a listing of some of the research papers from the most recent AEJMC conference in San Francisco. All of them would be acceptable for submission to JSM:

Are You Ready for Some… Sex, Violence and Gender Stereotypes? A Content Analysis of Monday Night Football Commercials and Programming Promotions •

Pete Rozelle: How The Commissioner Used Public Relations To Promote The NFL •

Children and Sports: Just Do It… or Not? An Investigation of the Relationship Among Children’s Media Use, Sports Participation, Physical Activity, and Obesity •

Beyond the Games: A Study of the Effects of Life Issues and Burnout on Newspaper Sports Editors •

Skating on Thin Ice: Promotional Strategies for a Fourth-Place Network in the 2006 Winter Olympics •

“I may decide it’s not worth it to balance it all”: The experiences and values of young women in sports journalism careers •

But there were other AEJMC papers did do not really fit the focus of JSM. These are the ones that have media as a subcontext and emphasize research in a different area--

Playing Online: Motivations for Fantasy Sports Use •

A lightning rod in sport: The reproduction of patriarchal ideology in Title IX discourse •

This Is Next Year: Myth and Ritual in Four Films about the Boston Red Sox •

Tour de Lance: An Investigation of Lance Armstrong as a Celebrity Endorser of the ‘LiveStrong’ Campaign •

A Comparison of the Logical and Emotional Impacts of the Citizens’ of Houston and Dallas Toward Their City’s NFL Teams

We welcome all sports media-related research, but in terms of our primary focus, it's like what George Orwell wrote in Animal Farm: "All (research papers) are equal, but some are more equal than others."


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