Monday, May 21, 2007

Sports Media MUSEings

I wanted to pass along some very good news about the Journal of Sports Media from our publisher, University of Nebraska Press. This information came to me over the weekend from UNP's journals manager Manjit Kaur--

Dear Prof. Schultz:

"Once a year, all MUSE partners are invited to submit journals for inclusion to MUSE. I resubmitted JSM again last April when I was at the board meeting. I am happy to inform you that JSM has been accepted for inclusion into Project MUSE. Below, I've attached the selection committee's response after evaluating volume 2:". .. . . . especially pleased to see that the Journal of Sports Media's second issue shows much progress, and that they are receiving higher quality AND quantity of manuscripts submissions is great news. . . . the editor and the board are making excellent efforts to publicize the title." One selection committee member, who is a librarian, said, "I even read the JSM blog!"JSM will be included as of 2008, volume 3, and it will be in the premium database. What does this mean? It will not be available to all MUSE subscribers but only to the larger institutions that can afford to purchase it. Its inclusion into the full-database will be determined by its reception and success on the premium database. Hence, it is vital that the journal continues to publish quality, cutting-edge articles. As long as JSM continues publishing good stuff, we should be okay. "

Thanks to all who have contributed to JSM, and let's work together to keep it strong and viable. That starts with quality research, so if you or someone you know is working in this field remind them of our publishing opportunities. We have a little more than a month left in the current call for papers and have already received 12 submissions.

Again, my thanks to Manjit and all connected with JSM.


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