Monday, September 14, 2009

Get them before the become collector's ttems ...

The publisher of Journal of Sports Media, University of Nebraska Press, has decided to outsource its warehousing and distribution services this fall. What does that mean? Nothing to subscribers, but UNP is trying to get rid of some older issues of its journals because of the costs associated with moving them to a new site.

With that in mind, UNP still has 90 mint-condition copies of the very first edition of JSM from the spring of 2006. It is my understanding they will charge $1.00 plus shipping for each copy, but they need to know by October 11. If you are interested in getting a back copy you can contact Joyce Gettman, Marketing Manager at UNP, at

The first JSM edition includes:

Byline Gender and News Source Selection: Coverage of the 2004 Summer Olympics (Bryan Denham and April Cook).

Who's Got Game? Exposure to Sports and Entertainment Media and Social Physique Anxiety in Division 1 Female Athletes (Kim Bissell andn Katie Porterfield).

Multimedia Contracts in Collegiate Sports: A System Theory Perspective (John McGuire).

We Know the Name; Do They Know the Game? "Celebrity" Articles about the 1924 and 1932 World Series (John Carvalho).

Essay (Paul Hemphill).


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